Returning to Light Duty After a Work-Related Injury

If employees were injured at work, they may want to return to work at their company after they have recovered from their injury. The injuries may however prevent them from doing what was originally their position. In many cases, workers can still return but for light duty or an alternative position that doesn’t require as heavy a load of tasks or requirements. In most states, workers who have filed for worker’s compensation benefits are able to return to light duty in either the previous job that they left or an equivalent job if it is available.
The laws may be different depending on where you live. Seek the advice of a work injury attorney to find out what your rights are in your state if you are thinking of returning to work. You should discuss the options with a worker’s compensation lawyer before deciding whether it is best option for you.
States Differ in Post-Worker’s Comp Laws
In some states, the employer is required to pay worker’s compensation benefits even if workers return to light duty work in order to compensate them for the difference of what they originally would earn in their previous position. Because of this requirement, some companies will just say that they don’t have any light duty positions available in order to avoid paying the benefits.
Other states have made changes to encourage companies to hire employees back for modified work. In some states, your decision to accept or not accept a light duty position can have an effect on your permanent disability benefits. In California it can mean a difference of 15% in benefits. If an employer hires you, your benefits will go down by 15% and if they don’t the benefits could go up by 15%.
Returning to Work
If you do decide to go back to work for any job, be sure to notify your employer of your physical limitations as ordered by your doctor. If you are asked to do something that is beyond your recommended capabilities, refuse and document the incident. If your employer has hired you for light duty or alternative work, they are not allowed to ask you to do anything outside of your recommended limitations according to your doctor’s orders.
If you need legal assistance with your worker’s compensation claim or your rights for returning to work then contact a work injury attorney to make sure that your rights are protected.

Parties Involved in Payment of Worker’s Compensation

After everything is considered, worker’s compensation is paid for in one way or another by employers. Worker’s compensation systems can be complex and they differ from state to state. In general there are three different ways that these benefits are paid for by companies. They include:
• Premiums to a state run insurance program
• Payments to an insurance company
• Payments directly to workers
If you have suffered an injury while on the job and would like to find out more about how to receive worker’s compensation from your employer, contact a work injury attorney to discuss your case. The benefits that you are entitled can help you cover expenses like medical bills, lost wages and other losses that you have suffered due to your work accident.

Sources of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

If you are already receiving worker’s compensation benefits, you may not be necessarily getting money directly from your employer. It can be from other sources that your employer paid and you are getting the compensation indirectly. The benefits are the same regardless of where they are coming from.
• State-run programs – The Department of Labor, commerce or industrial relations in each state run programs where companies can choose to obtain worker’s compensation insurance from. The companies that choose this option are usually small or experience few work injuries at their company.
• Insurance companies – Most companies in the states that allow worker’s compensation insurance through private insurance companies will choose this option. Some states however do not allow this.
• Self-insurance – Employers who choose to self-insure have to prove that they are large enough and have enough assets to cover any worker’s compensation liability.
If you have suffered a work-related injury, make sure you are well informed of your rights by speaking with a work injury lawyer. By understanding what you deserve, you can seek the best possible option for your situation.
Back Injuries From Moving Products Are Common in the Workplace
One of the most common injuries that workers suffer while on the job are back injuries from moving heavy items. These types of injuries can be painful and debilitating because they can affect all aspects of your life. Performing your job may not be possible and doing chores around the house can prove challenging as well. Attempting to do these tasks before your back is fully healed can cause it to suffer additional strain or re-injury. Employees may need to temporarily cease working in order to give their backs a chance to heal.
Suffering a back injury can greatly affect your quality of life in general not only at work but at home as well. You may incur expenses from costly medical treatment or suffer lost income form not working. If you have experienced a back injury while working then you may be entitled to file a worker’s compensation claim to receive benefits. A work injury attorney can help you by informing you of your rights and options in the case. You may be eligible for benefits which will cover your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. If you require some
Orange County workers comp attorneys OC Firm can help.

Texas Worker Suffers Back Injury at Work

The complexity of work injury cases is evident in a recent story where a man from Texas pursued litigation against several companies seeking compensation for the back injury that he sustained as a result of moving fire extinguishers while working. The 48-year-old man was given the job to move fire extinguishers between the decks of a deep water drill ship. The fire extinguishers each weighed approximately 50 pounds each. He was required to move them up and down steep stairways. The man claims that the ship company did not provide the necessary equipment that would make moving the extinguishers safe for employees. During one trip while he was moving the fire extinguishers up and down stairs and in between decks, the man fell down the stairway and suffered a serious back injury.
Back Injuries Result from Fall
As a result of the back injury that the man sustained, he incurred numerous medical expenses from his treatment and rehabilitation. He still experiences reoccurring pain in his back due to the accident. If you have suffered similar injuries, worker’s compensation and other benefits may cover the costs. Contact a work injury attorney to obtain a free and confidential case evaluation. You may be entitled to receive compensation due to the damages that you have suffered.

Lateral Hiring Becoming More Popular for Law Firms

Recruiting managers at leading law firms are often overwhelmed by the large number of requests that they receive from various legal partners for talented and skilled lateral lawyers at all levels. With the many other tasks that they also handle such as managing fall recruiting programs at law schools, human resource development, doing evaluations and more, having to also oversee lateral hiring can be overwhelming.
When you aren’t able to devote enough time and energy to finding the best most qualified candidates for attorney support and back office support you may want to consider hiring an outside source to handle the task. Knowledgeable and experienced attorney recruiters or back office support services have vast resources to draw from to find the right talent match for your firm.

Lateral Hiring With Specific Needs

When you are looking for the right people to staff your firm, you may have certain skills or credentials that you are looking for in a new candidate. You may want to pre-screen candidates during the interview process to narrow down the choices for people to interview. This will save time and help give you a better idea of who you would like to hire.
According to recent trends, there has been an increase in lateral hiring among firms. However with the current challenges that many attorneys face in the job market, many may feel hesitant to make a lateral move from a secure position to a new firm. Having a plan regarding how to attract high caliber legal talent with established skills can help you navigate through the lateral hiring process.

Lateral Move For Attorneys an Important One

For many attorneys, moving from one law firm to another is the most important career decision they can make. Understanding what top attorneys are looking for when they are considering positions at other firms can help you gain an advantage in acquiring them because you can either offer them what they want or at least come close. By being prepared for what to expect, you can gain the best partner and associates that will allow you to successfully propel your firm ahead of competitors.
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Attorney Consultants Can Help Firms to Gain a Competitive Edge

The challenges that each firm has in regards to recruiting and human resource issues can be varied and unique. Remaining at the forefront of today’s competitive legal community can be greatly dependent on how you manage and efficiently utilize the talent that you have as well as go about attracting the best new candidates for your firm. Consulting services can offer guidance in establishing the bridge between your attorneys and gaining success and stability in your practice. The legal insights and superior resources that you can get can provide valuable advice to your law firm in many vital areas. Web Shark 360 Law Firm Marketing is a good choice for attorney seo services.
If you would like to get consulting and back office support for your law firm, contact the experts at WebShark360 for help. We can help you manage your staff more efficiently and provide guidance for growth and profitability.
Compensation Analysis
Every law firm is unique with different people, cultures and goals that may change over time. In order to remain competitive and appealing, firms need specialized compensation plans that will fit their needs. Having a compensation plan for your practice will:
• Attract and retain key talent
• Help your firm in strategic advancement and succession planning
• Be flexible as your firm’s objectives change or grow
• Be comprehensive with rewards, benefits and other policies
At Webshark360, we are dedicated to answering any questions that you or your team may have. We can also help create processes to support the success of your firm’s new compensation formula and ensure that it is implemented smoothly and that you achieve higher attorney retention.
Strategic Growth
When you are focusing on providing quality client services, it can be easy to lose sight of your firm’s goals for growth. By seeking qualified and experienced law firm consultants and back office support service to handle your firm’s strategic growth objectives, you can be guaranteed of the most efficient use of recruiting resources in order to achieve continued success. Contact WebShark360 today to find out more about the services that we offer and how we can help your firm gain a competitive advantage.

Attorney Retention a Major Concern for Many Law Firms

Law firms nowadays face many challenges when it comes to finding the best attorneys and back office support staff to add to their practice. The more skilled and knowledgeable your attorneys and employees are, the more productive your firm will be. This can lead to higher profits for your practice in the long run. Since staffing is so crucial to the success of a law firm, closer attention should be paid to attracting and hiring the most ideal candidates.
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Retaining Talent
Finding successful and talented attorneys is not always easy. Therefore when you do find legal talent that you consider to be a valuable asset to your firm, you want to make efforts to ensure that you hold on to them. In order to do this, you may want to consider exploring options and ways to develop the careers of your employees, nurture their talents and foster their desire to remain at your firm. This will provide them with an incentive to remain at your firm instead of hopping to another one.
Law firms invest a lot of resources in developing their lawyers. It can be greatly beneficial to your practice in the long run to retain those attorneys so you can gain a full return on your investment.

Remaining Competitive with the Best Staff

The legal industry is evolving quickly with new practice areas emerging. In order to remain competitive with other firms, retaining or hiring employees with knowledge of niche practice areas can be greatly beneficial in gaining an edge in terms of profitability. You may also want to examine the organization of your current workface and consider new ways to expand it to improve client service quality, marketing performance and lawyer development.
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Using an Employee Handbook to Maintain Office Culture

Small businesses and law firms will often consider creating an employee handbook in order to help them manage their staff. In the case of law firms, a primary motivation is also to address liability risks and issues. There are several advantages and disadvantages to having one. One benefit of having an employee handbook for law firms is to communicate with your employees about the policies and rules that workers must follow. Another useful advantage is how a handbook can help maintain the corporate or office culture of your business. This site can assist ith Web Marketing Information by the way.
If your firm needs assistance with creating an employee handbook or any other back office support system, contact WebShark360. We are experienced in working with law firms and knowledgeable about what it takes for them to be productive and successful. Our team is dedicated to helping you make your law firm run as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Handbooks Can Reflect Company Culture
Often the way a company sets up its employee handbook and what is stated in it represents what the company culture or philosophy. For example, if the policies in a handbook are pretty lax and lenient then this is likely to be the culture of the entire practice. Oh by the way, Web Shark 360 Law Firm Marketing may be able to assist with your Attorney lead generation needs.
When you are creating a handbook for your firm, you should take into consideration the image that you want to portray to the rest of the staff about the company. If your handbook resembles what you would find at a larger, non-personal firm, that is likely the feeling that your staff will get and what they will believe is the culture. Many people prefer the more personal and “family-like’ environment of smaller firms and often sacrifice higher salaries to get it. If this is what you are, then make sure that your handbook reflects it.
If your firm or business would like to seek help regarding human resources whether it is to help you create a handbook or manage your staff then contact the back office support specialists at WebShark360. We have successfully worked with numerous law firms and helped their office operations systems.
Handbooks Reflect Personality of the Firm Owner
Many law practices are on the smaller side and often have less than 10 people on their staff. There are independent attorneys that actually work on their own with maybe one or two people helping them. Since the size of many practices is similar to small businesses, it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether or not to have an employee handbook. Firms need to consider a number of factors before creating a handbook for staff members.
Whether you are a small practice or a larger one, you can benefit from having an employee handbook by which your employees can get a sense of the culture at your firm and the way you run your practice. If you need help with devising an employee handbook or other human resource issues then contact the professionals at WebShark360. We provide back office support for law firms of all sizes and can help you with management solutions.

Handbooks Can Show Your Personality

Handbooks have a number of advantages for law firms and businesses. It can reflect the culture of the practice or the office as a whole. It can however also mirror the personality of the owner as well. This becomes important with smaller practices where it is more important for employees to know the personality of the lead person as opposed to the culture of the entire company.
One of the main differences between working for a small law firm and a large commercial one is that the handbook reflects the personality of the owner in one case and the culture of the whole firm in the other. Attorneys should keep this in mind when creating a handbook for their firm. Letting your personality show through in your handbook will help your employees to know what you are like and what to expect when they work for you. You always have the freedom to dictate how you want to manage things. If you are constantly referencing ways that employees can get themselves fired in your handbook, you are passing on a negative statement to them about their employment as well. The personality and culture is likely to be a negative one.
If your firm or business would like to seek help regarding human resources whether it is to help you create a handbook or manage your staff then contact the back office support specialists at WebShark360. We have successfully worked with numerous law firms and helped their office operations systems.

Why the FDA Approved the Transvaginal Mesh

You may have heard of the term before, but what exactly is a “transvaginal mesh device?” To explain simply, “transvaginal” literally means “through the vagina” while a mesh is a net device that is used for surgical purposes. You could require aTransvaginal Mesh Injury Attorneys legal firm to help.Therefore, a transvaginal mesh is a mesh that is surgically inserted into the vagina to help repair connective tissues within the vaginal walls. Transvaginal meshes are also known as:
• Transvaginal slings
• Tension-free transvaginal sling
• Transvaginal tape
• OB slings
• Pelvic organ prolapsed mesh
• Pelvic screens
Transvaginal meshes are used to help women who are suffering from symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), pelvic organ prolapse (POP), or weakened vaginal walls. Often times, patients suffering from these conditions have weak pelvic floor muscles that can no longer support their abdominal organs. Thus, the mesh is used to help repair the pelvic floor muscles so as to prevent the patient’s intestinal organs from dropping into the vagina.

Serious Complications of the Implant

Unfortunately, the device failed for nearly 10 percent of women who had the device inserted. Thousands of women reported experiencing adverse health consequences including:
• Vaginal erosion
• Infection and pain
• Recurrence of POP and SUI
• Bloody discharge
• Injury to nearby organs and blood vessels

Why the FDA Approved the Transvaginal Mesh

Furthermore, the transvaginal mesh devices gained approval through the FDA by a process called the Premarket Notification process, also known as 510(k) clearance. In this process, devices that are similar to those that have already been approved by the FDA do not have to endure the strict testing that the FDA requires. Instead, the devices can be simply approved and available on the market. The transvaginal mesh devices were approved as they were seen as similar to Boston Scientific’s ProtoGen devices. However, these devices were pulled back in 1999 as many reported injury.

Man Takes GranuFlo Lawsuit to Federal Court

A man who is a Louisiana resident recently filed a lawsuit with the help of a GranuFlo lawsuit lawyer against the manufacture of GranuFlo, Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), after he sustained serious and permanent injuries following use of the brand name dialysate (dialysis solution). Earlier in the year, the GranuFlo lawsuit attorney moved the man’s case up to the federal court level, filing in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana.
The plaintiff is accusing Fresenius Medical Care of negligence, alleging that the pharmaceutical producer knew about the risks associated with GranuFlo and then continued to put the dialysis drug on the market in addition to fraudulently hiding those risks from the medical and general public. Apparently, the man and alleged victim received hemodialysis therapy sessions to cleanse his blood in a Fresenius Medical Care facility in Louisiana, where he had a heart attack following the contraction of metabolic alkalosis.
A Bit About GranuFlo
GranuFlo is a brand name dialysate or dialysis solution comprised of cleansing chemicals, made and distributed by Fresenius Medical Care. In 2012, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) recalled GranuFlo and its sister product NaturaLyte, claiming that the preponderance of evidence has made a strong connection between metabolic alkalosis and GranuFlo.
A Bicarbonate Overdose: Fresenius to Blame?
Metablic alkalosis is a medical condition that leads to stroke, heart attack, and/or cardiopulmonary arrest if it is left untreated. GranuFlo allegedly causes metabolic alkalosis in people who have hemodialysis treatments that use the product because it has too many bicarbonates—hydrogen ions that are essentially carbonic acid. Researchers, patients, doctors, and GranuFlo lawsuit lawyers are all pointing to the manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care, as the culprit behind how long the drug has stayed on the market despite the known risks. There is evidence to suggest that FMC concealed the dangers of GranuFlo for the sake of turning a proft.

GranuFlo Linked to Metabolic Alkalosis

Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) incepted, produced, and distributed the GranuFlo dialysate not too long ago into the American pharmaceutical community for use as a dialysate in hemodialysis treatments. Hemodialysis is a special kind of dialysis that is administered to people with severe kidney issues (like acute kidney failure or chronic renal failure, for example) that prevent them from naturally using their kidneys from cleansing their blood of naturally acquired wastes and toxins. You may require a lawyers GranuFlo law firm Esquire in some cases.
Hemodialysis works by sending the patient’s blood through a dialysizer or dialysis machine along next to a chemical powder or solution called a dialysate (like GranuFlo, for instance). The dialysate and blood run together through a semi permeable membrane in the dialysizer over several cycles; the chemical composition in the dialysate is meant to cleanse and purify the patient’s blood.
GranuFlo Thought to Cause Metabolic Alkalosis
The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) recalled GranuFlo after reports consistently came in by the hundreds, saying that GranuFlo’s chemical composition had too many bicarbonates in it and was consequently causing a blood condition known as metabolic alkalosis. The FDA wrote the following in an official recall letter: “Inappropriate prescription of these products can lead to a high serum bicarbonate…….”

Some Symptoms of Metabolic Alkalosis

Seek medical care if you have any of these symptoms:
• Muscle spasms and/or twitching
• Cardiac arrest
• Feeling light-headed
• Nausea and vomiting
• Cardiac arrhythmia
• Strokes
• Instant death
• Paranoia
• Tingling and/or numbness
• Low blood pressure
• Confusion
• Heart attacks

Information on Fresenius Medical Care Lawsuits

A woman in Oklahoma recently filed a lawsuit against FMC, or Fresenius Medical Care, because her mother allegedly was killed after using FMC’s dialysis product, GranuFlo. The lawsuit was filed against Fresenius Medical Care earlier in the year following her mother’s untimely death. The woman’s mother had been given the GranuFlo dialysate by her doctor for use in her three times per week hemodialysis treatments. The frequency of the hemodialysis treatments and subsequent GranuFlo use was intended to prevent her blood from building up with carbonic acid, but the GranuFlo drug ended up doing just the opposite of that intention.
The alleged victim’s mother ended up dying after having a heart attack, three years into her tri weekly GranuFlo use. Just one month after this woman’s death, the manufacturer—Fresenius Medical Care—released a warning to only some of its internal network, saying that the product alongside its sister product, NaturaLyte, could put people at risk for heart attacks.
The Problem with GranuFlo
Unfortunately, this woman’s death after GranuFlo use and her surviving daughter’s consequent lawsuit is but one example of the trend currently going on against Fresenius Medical Care. In fact, several MDLs (multi district litigation) have already been filed against Fresenius Medical Care because so many people have come forward to discuss their traumatic experiences at the hands of GranuFlo.
GranuFlo’s main problem is that it consists of too many bicarbonates, or hydrogen ions based in carbonic acid which work to regulate the total pH equilibrium in the human body. An overdose of bicarbonates can lead to metabolic alkalosis, a condition in the body by which too much base and not enough acid is acquired. Metabolic alkalosis leads directly to a heart attack or cardiopulmonary arrest, as in the above related case.

Driver Dies in Big Rig Crash

On the evening of April 23, 2013, a 61 year-old truck driver died in a car accident in Jacksonville, Florida. The crash occurred around 8:15 PM when the truck driver was heading southbound on Interstate 295. A 33 year-old female from Jacksonville entered the Interstate and made an unsafe lane change in front of the driver. The left rear of the truck driver’s trailer was hit by the right-front of the female’s Honda Civic.
When the female hit the truck driver, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle and the truck rode over the median and into northbound lanes and finally into a tree line. The truck became a blazed. The driver at fault only suffered minor injuries while, unfortunately, the truck driver was killed. Officials are still investigating the accident. To learn more about these types of accidents, you can visit for more details.

Large Trucks and Big Rig Accidents

Sadly, accidents involving large trucks and big rigs happen frequently and often end in tragedy. The story told above is an example of how common these accidents are. In most trucking accidents, however, the person in the passenger vehicle is injured more severely than the truck driver. Injuries that can be sustained from trucking accidents include:
• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Fractures and broken bones
• Cuts and lacerations
• Amputations
• decapitation
Because trucks are large, when a vehicle collides with them, they tend to suffer the brute force of the impact. In addition, many of these trucks carry hazardous materials, like propane or gasoline tanks. When colliding with one of these tanker trucks, a fire can occur setting all vehicles in flames. Trucking accidents are extremely serious and often times leads to fatalities for both the truck driver and the drivers and passengers involved.

Dealing with Dangerous Driving Conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions
Either during winter weather or springtime storms, the weather can create for dangerous driving conditions. Often times, dangerous weather can cause traffic accidents to occur either on freeways or local streets. Common dangerous driving conditions include:
• Blizzards or snow storms blocking the driver’s view
• Torrential rain blocking the driver’s way and making roads slippery
• Snow or ice making snow slippery and causing drivers to skid
In dangerous weather, drivers may not be able to see as well. Even worse, vehicles may slid, skid, or hydroplane on wet or slick roads. Very commonly drivers will crash into each other as weather negatively affects the friction between the tires and the roads. You can look at for more details.

Dealing with Extreme Weather Conditions

To protect yourself when weather begins to impact driver safety, follow these important tips:
• Prevent from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water affects the friction between your tires and the road. Your chances of hydroplane are affected by speed or rate, tire inflation, tire wear, and how much water is on the road. If your vehicle is hydroplaning, do not accelerate or brake as this may worsen the situation. Just continue to steer and move in the direction you want to go.
• If your car skids on ice or snow, remove your foot from the accelerator and keep steering in the direction you want to go. If you have to use your brakes, apply steady pressure and do it slowly. Do not pump your brakes or allow them to lock. Remember to always wear fitted snow chains on your tire incase the roads are icy or have snow.
Always remember to drive at a speed that is safe for weather conditions. Even if you are driving under the normal speed limit, it still may be too fast for weather conditions. Drivers are responsible to drive in a safe manner. Even if a car accident is caused by slick roads, the driver that hit another vehicle may still be held liable as they should have prevented it.
Unfortunately, events take place everyday leaving people in harm’s way. When this happens, accidents occur and people suffer from resulting injuries. Common causes of injuries include:
• Car accidents
• Bicycle accidents
• Trucking accidents
• Medical malpractice by doctors and dentists
• Slip and fall accidents
• Dog bite injuries
Accidents and injuries are often caused by the negligence of another. When a driver is acting reckless and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian. When a doctor or dentists fails to take the correct protective measure and causes harm to his or her patient. When a dog owner fails to watch their dog and their dog attacks an innocent child. When a property store owner fails to post a warning sign and a patron slips on wet floor and suffers a sprained ankle and wrist.

Different Types of Recovery for Injuries

When these accidents occur and injure people, the victim can legally seek compensation for their damages and injuries after the accident from the one at fault. The person at fault may be held liable. To understand the type of damages you may be compensated for read the following:
• Past and future medical expenses. If your injuries required medical treatment, you can seek compensation to be reimbursed. In addition, you can seek compensation for treatment you must receive in the future for those injuries as well.
• Disfigurement and scarring. If the injuries left the person deformed or disfigured, you can seek compensation for affecting your personal appearance. Many dog bite attacks will leave permanent scars that require revision scar surgery. Other times a motorcyclist will be hit by a driver and the motorcycle may suffer from facial disfigurement after the accident.
• Lost wages. Many times victims have to take time off from work to heal from their injuries. Time off from work can result in lost wages and send someone into financial ruin.